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I am the slime….

Below are some short video clips. To see them just click on the red letters but beware, depending on the speed of your modem and the kind of connection you have it could take a while to down load them. But don't let that stop you! Click on a title, go do something and when you get back you can enjoy the show!

Of course you could just order the video tapes. Sure it's more expensive but there more complete, and it just might be faster.



  1. "World News 1" QuickTime .mov, 1.6 MB
  2. "World News 2" QuickTime .mov, 1.9 MB
  3. "Taped earlier " QuickTime .mov, 0.5 MB
  4. "Prince of Wales" QuickTime .mov, 0.9 MB

(or not)

  1. "Lightening never strikes twice in the same place" QuickTime .mov, 1.5 MB


  1. "Bowling" QuickTime .mov, 1.1 MB
  2. "Volleyball" QuickTime .mov, 1 MB

Arts & Entertainment

  1. "00Zed" QuickTime .mov, 2.6 MB
  2. "Art" QuickTime .mov, 1 MB
  3. "My Fans" QuickTime .mov, 1.5 MB

Daily living

  1. "Bon Apetite" QuickTime .mov, 0.6 MB
  2. "Dentist" QuickTime .mov, 0.5 MB
  3. "Hairstyle" QuickTime .mov, 2 MB
  4. "Remote Control" QuickTime .mov, 1 MB
  5. "Driver Zed" QuickTime .mov, 2 MB
  6. "Beside myself" QuickTime .mov, 2.3 MB


  1. "I had to do that" QuickTime .mov, 1.2 MB


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