The Mr. Zed Show Videos!

Here are the videos you can't afford to be without. Available for the first time in your part of this galaxy! Perfect for family viewing, but beware! They're specialiZed! They have been designed for home video, to be seen again and again without getting boring. Some call them Zeducational. Others say they're just funny. One way or another you'll have to admit there's nothing like them!

All selections come in a genuine plastic case and are available on the VHS format on both American and Japanese (NTSC) and European (PAL) systems.

Sorry, English language only.

Just like you, these videos will be available for a limited time only so order now!


The Mr. Zed Show Video Volume 1

"From Outer Space, into Your Face!


This is where it all begins. Join the affable android Mr. Zed high above the earth aboard his own private satellite, Zedsat1! You'll beam down to earth with him to his secret terrestrial Zedquarters for the latest NewZ!

You'll meet the Zedsat's computer Mona!

Splooty™ the mischievous space alien!

And Big Al™ Unpronounceable, the "legitimate" businessman from the horse head nebula!

They'll pop in on Mr. Zed and offer you a view of the universe like you've never seen it before.

Was $1,000,000.00 (+Shipping & handling)
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* PAL system (for NTSC the price is $25.00 U.S.D./25 Euros)


The Mr. Zed Show Video Volume 2

"Splooty's Revenge!"


Welcome back to the ZedSat in the second in the critically acclaimed Mr. Zed Show video series. Splooty is back with a vengeance with his remote controlled cosmic cream pies.

Zed checks out what's happening in the Newz. We also meet Mrs. Al™ (Big Al™ Unpronouceable's mom) and his evil twin brother Bob. And you thought Al was bad!

Was $5,000,000.00 (+ Shipping & handling.)
NOW ONLY $25.00!!* (+ Shipping and handling.)
Or 25.00 Euros* (+Shipping and handling.)

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* PAL system (for NTSC the price is $25.00 U.S.D./25 Euros)