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People have asked me why I call this section "Monkey Business".

Well, if I am a Robot to you, what do you think you are for me? Sit down and have a banana while you think about it. In the mean time let me introduce myself to the uninitiated.


Greetings! This is robot prototype ZX3500/d7 but people call me Zed or, more recently, Mr. Zed. I was, or will be, built in the future. To make a long story short I was a reject of the ultra sophisticated ZX robot line. To justify the expense of my construction I was used as a guinea pig in one of the first experiments in time travel. Unfortunately, where as they were pretty good at sending me back, they weren’t nearly so hot at picking me up again. So I now find myself in the embarrassing position of having to return to the future on foot.

Can't believe it? Good. Now don't forget. I'm counting on you to ridicule anyone who says what I've written here is true. Anyway, the point of this site is to have fun. I can offer you a really alternative view of history and the universe and your place in it and you can offer me…ah…well, how about large sums of money? Visit my shop on your way out, or you could cut out the middleman and send massive amounts of money directly to me.

Mr. Zed


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